How Cell Phone Effect Men’s Sperm Fertility

Cell Phone Effect Mens Sperm Fertility

Cell phones have become an integral part of our life. Have you ever thought about what kind of effects it has on your sperm fertility? Many people never thought about this thing in life, but over-use has resulted in affecting the sex lives of millions. In this post, we are going to talk about what kind of impact cell phones causes male sperm fertility.

Cell Phone Radiation

There is a variety of researchers that shows that the quality of sperm gets hugely affected by the radiation produced by cell phones. The reason behind that is the high level of damaging free radicals that can lower sperm mobility. The emissions don’t only affect during the call, but also during the silent or standby mode. It is strongly suggested that the users should use the phone for a few talks and then avoiding keeping it near testicles.

Neurological Disorders

The brain functioning gets greatly affected due to mobile phone radiations and can even result in a variety of neurological disorders. It includes changes in neuropsychiatric issues that are quite common among people living near mobile phone towers.

A recent study shows that long-term exposure to these radiations has also raised the dangers of neoplasia and many other changes related to age. It directly affects the quality of sperm of the people having such conditions.

Statistical Studies

There are tremendous studies that clearly show that the overuse of mobile can lower sperm quality. It is true that the exact reasons for this problem are still not completely clear, but the main are the ones that we have mentioned above. The radiations created by cell phones during calling or even normal use.

That’s why it is strongly suggested that you should try to keep your phone away when not in use. This theory is pretty easier and should be followed by men. It will be helpful in the long run and make the quality of sperm better.


There is no denying that the cell phone can affect the male fertility rate and may downgrade the quality of sperm pretty badly. If you follow our advice, then we will strongly suggest the men minimize the use of mobile, especially youngsters who have a complete life ahead of them.

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