5 Things Every Guy Wants During Sex

Things Every Guy Wants During Sex

Sex isn’t just penetration for men as they prefer to have much more than that. Many women don’t perform things that their male partner loves to experience. It only not keeps them away from exciting pleasure but also creates arguments in the long run. If you are a girl and want to make sure your partner gets what he wants, then it is the best place to learn that.

In this post, we are going to talk about the top 5 things that almost every guy wants during sex. Check out all of them carefully and try to add as many as possible.

  1. Talking Dirty

A great number of girls don’t talk too much dirty on the bed. However, they don’t realize that it keeps them away from a unique type of sensation. We understand that it mightn’t be your cups of tea, but doing it sometimes will make your guy feel crazy for sure.

  1. Controlling things

It is one of the easiest things that you can do as a woman. Here, you have to take things in your hands and decide which position to try next. It means you need to control things and try to become wild.

  1. Surprises

There isn’t even a single man in this world who doesn’t prefer surprises on the bed. It can be anything that ranges from pulling out sex toys instantly underneath the bed or trying a completely new position. Try to add as many surprises as possible in your erotic sessions frequently.

  1. Awesome foreplay

Many girls believe that men prefer to move straight on penetration. However, that’s not true for every man as a lot of them want awesome foreplay before orgasm. Trust us; he will be extremely satisfied and fall in love with you even more.

  1. Compliments

You may have often heard that giving compliments during sex is only the job of men. However, things have changed over time and men love them too. It can be anything like saying you have performed pretty amazingly tonight or something that put a smile on their face. Try it, and we are pretty assured that results will be on your side for sure.


Involving in passionate and tremendous sex with her men is the dream of every girl. Doing these things for your partner will please him for sure. Tell about your experiences in the comment section for helping fellow readers.